Ready for a honeymoon phase, but rather
Friends with Benefits, or diveinto a love story with rose-colored glasses according to your needs?

Whichever subscription you choose, you'll get unlimited access to all our movies, which increase weekly.

Subscription models

Friends with Benefits
1 month

€ 30/ month

  • cancellable:

Honeymoon Phase
6 months

€ 15/ month

  • Cancelable:
    every 6 months

Poly Lovestory
1 year

€ 12/ month

  • Cancelable:

Mono Lovestory
1 year

€ 144/ yearly

  • Cancelable:


Every subscription is automatically renewed when it expires. So you don't have to worry about anything and can sit back and relax. If you do want to let it expire, you can easily cancel or change it within a certain period of time. But don't worry, we will remind you when the time comes.



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